Helping Others Helps You Know Yourself

“Michael seems to have found his calling,” says Miami Beach commissioner and condo lawyer, Michael Gongora. “He’s been through a lot of adversity and he clearly wants to give back.”

Capponi’s character was molded by the school of hard knocks. His parents moved to Miami from Belgium when he was small. His father was an endurance swimmer who twice broke the record for swimming the English Channel.

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“Living in a material, lavish world you’re not always that comfortable with it, but then you go back to Haiti and you see how that is and you’re very appreciative of what you have….It puts a full perspective on everything.” I can really get behind that. I spent some time travelling to help people out, and when you trim all the fat out of your life and strip down to the basics with people who live in that way every day of their lives, you can really come to a stronger understand of yourself. If Michael (The Michael Capponi Story) is looking for volunteers, I think I’ll join up. I’ve been itching to get back out there again, that experience really changed me for the better, and I think it’s time to get that kind of awakening and self-awareness again. Life’s ever changing, and we never stop growing. I’m glad Michael found that kind of experience for himself!